Jan 30, 2010

Loki - Stage 1

After working mainly with coloured pencils lately, I decided to pick up 'ole faithfuls...my graphite pencils! I do like working in colour, but I feel so much more at home when I draw with regular pencils. I love the look of black and white and I feel like it's the medium that suits me best.

I started this drawing quite a long time ago actually, but since I've missed working with regular pencils, I thought I'd pick it up again. It felt so good to work with graphite pencils again. I was surprised at how much I missed them!

Loki is my youngest cat. I really don't like to pick favourites with my pets, but if I was to choose, he would be it! He is bursting with personality, he's cuddly, playful and gives you the best "I love you" looks ever! And all those extra toes...so cute! The reference photo for this drawing was taken when he was a kitten. I think he was looking at a string!

Jan 23, 2010

Jan 17, 2010

Walter - Stage 4

Work in Progress
5x7 Coloured Pencil

I'm getting really close to being done! I'll leave it for a few days and go back to it with fresh eyes. That way I'll be able to see any problem areas that I don't notice after staring at it for hours!

Jan 10, 2010

Jan 4, 2010


 Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I thought I'd start this post off with some pictures!
These are my "kids".

This was the view from our house today.
It's a bit dreary looking but I liked the pattern of ice melting on the river.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I spent a week with my family in Moncton and it was really great seeing everyone, especially my sister and brother-in-law who live in Shanghai. They have been living there for about 4 years now and oddly enough, I see them more now than when they lived in Toronto!

If you've been following my posts (and it's ok if you haven't!), you'll know that I had back surgery on Dec. 9. The surgery came non-too-soon because the week before, I injured it further and was hospitalized for pain control for two days. Up until that point, I had actually been feeling pretty good, and although I still wanted the surgery, I had some doubts as to whether or not I still needed it. Turns out I did! It's now been almost 4 weeks since the surgery and I'm doing really well! I'm so glad I had it done and I look forward to getting my life back to normal again because I've been out of commission for so long. I am still a little bit sore and my back gets tired easily so I'll be off work for a while longer. I also have some residual leg and foot numbness, which I'm told will eventually go away. But by the spring/summer, I should be as good as new!

Being the new year, I feel like I should make some resolutions. I'm not normally one for doing this, but since everyone else seems to be doing it, maybe I should too! Here is what I would like to accomplish in the new year:

  • Update my blog more often

  • Sell some original artwork

  • Try oil painting again and actually finish at least one piece!

  • Spend more time on my artwork

  • Get into better shape. I haven't been able to do anything because of my back so once I'm better, I'll have no excuse!

  • Get a dog. I'm on a waiting list for an Australian Shepherd puppy!

  • Read more

  • Become more outdoorsy - given where I live now, I'm sure that shouldn't be a problem!

  • Live life!
I'm sure there are lots of other things that I could list here, but I can't think of them at the moment. Good luck to the rest of you in keeping your resolutions!

And lastly, I would like to post my most recent commission. This is Walter and he belongs to my cousin and her husband, commissioned by her parents (my aunt and uncle). Walter is still a puppy and is awefully cute!

 Walter - Reference Photo

Stage 1

Stage 2

Work in Progress
5 x 7
Coloured Pencil

Thank you for reading!