Sep 20, 2006

Ghira - Stage 3

Here is what I have done so far with Ghira. I've been a bit busy lately so haven't had a lot of time to spend on her.


Sep 14, 2006

Ghira - Stage 2

I worked on Ghira for about an hour today and got a lot of her muzzle done. I will still go back later on and touch it up. I had some trouble with the nose. I think I like it, but I'll probably fiddle with it some more later on too.

I really like the photo that I have to work with. It's very clear and I can see a lot of detail. It's been a while since I've had such a good photo to work from!

I will post this drawing again when I get more done.


Sep 12, 2006

Gift Vouchers make great Christmas gifts!

The waiting list is unchanged since Sept5, but I thought I would write it out again:

1. Ghira the chocolate lab - started
2. Mercedes (Sadie) the standard poodle
3. Shamus the black and white cat

I have been getting the first of many inquiries lately, asking if I'm still taking orders for Christmas. Regretfully, the answer is no. I have told #1 and 2 that their portraits will be ready for Christmas, but #3, I'm not guaranteeing for that time. The reason for this is that each portrait usually takes me a month or so to do. I work full-time and only do this in my spare time, and each portrait usually takes me 8-15 hrs to do. Things also tend to come up before Christmas, which can put me behind in my work. For these reasons, I didn't take too many orders for Christmas.

If you had wanted to give a portrait for Christmas, may I suggest giving a gift voucher? They work in one of two ways:
-First, you can order a portrait now, knowing that it will not necessarily be ready for Christmas. I can give you a voucher to give as the gift, that says your loved-one will be receiving a portrait soon.
-Second, you can give a voucher as a gift, and your loved-one can contact me about having the portrait done. You two can decide on the amount and portrait size, and contact me about choosing a reference photo. These vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date they were given as a gift.

There is more information about gift vouchers on my website .

As of recently, I am no longer offering to complete a portrait by a specific date or deadline. There is a waiting list for my portraits, and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis (as are the vouchers). It would be unfair to those who have been waiting, if someone else jumped the queue. Also, like I said above, sometimes things come up and I am put behind in my work.

So, if you do want me to do a portrait for you before a specific date, I highly recommend that you contact me months ahead of the date, and I will do my best to accommodate you. For Christmas, I recommend you book before summer. This year, I was booked by July. And, like I've mentioned above, gift vouchers make a great gift too!!


Sep 10, 2006

Started Ghira

This is stage 1 of Ghira the chocolate lab. I've got the initial drawing done and have started shading. She's being done in pencil on white 11x14 paper. I've probably spent about an hour - 1 1/2 hrs on her so far.


Sep 9, 2006

Animals at the "Frex"

I went to the Frex (Fredericton Exhibition) a couple of days ago and took some pictures of the animals. When I get a chance, I might draw some of them. Here are some of the pictures. I was pretty taken with the little piglets!

Sep 5, 2006

Waiting list Sept 5

1. Ghira - chocolate lab
2. Mercedes (Sadie) - standard poodle
3. Shamus - black and white cat

I handed off Nelly and Paddy to their owner today. They are Christmas gifts and I hope the recipient enjoys them.

The "Frex" is in town today (Fredericton Exhibition). I'm heading there shortly to check out the animals. I really have no interest in going on any rides, or playing games to win cheap stuffed toys, but I do want to have a look at the horses and whatever else of interest is there. I'm taking my camera with me too, in hopes of getting some good shots for reference photos.

Aside from doing commissions, I want to do some drawings for myself of different subjects that I don't normally get to do. I might keep them or sell them...we'll see how they turn out! I haven't had anyone commission me to do a horse yet, and I'm dying to do one! So anyone out there who is interested, please contact me! In the meantime, maybe I'll get some good shots at the Frex. I also would really like to take a trip to the zoo in Moncton soon and take some pictures there before they close for the winter.


Sep 3, 2006

Ghira is next

I got the ok from the owner of Paddy and I'm very happy that he is satisfied with it. I will be delivering it to him sometime this week. I tried scanning Paddy myself at a really high resolution and printing him on my new printer. The print came out really nice...almost exactly like the original. I thought I'd post a new copy of Paddy's finished drawing since I took more time this time to get a really good scan.

So next I will be working on "Ghira", a chocolate lab. She is for my co-worker's daughter as a Christmas gift.

Sep 2, 2006


I have been having some trouble lately finding a good printing company. I want to be able to scan my drawings at a really high resolution and print them onto a heavyweight paper that is suitable for greeting cards and prints. I want the prints to be of high quality since I'm selling them. There is such a variety in what they charge and what they can do that I haven't really found exactly what I am looking for.

Since I'm new to this business, I don't have any bulk orders to get scanned or have printed, and it seems bulk is the way to go if you want to save money. A lot of printing companies won't print onto heavy paper, and others only have small scanners. Others just charge an arm and a leg. So I have also been thinking about investing in a good quality printer for my home.

My boyfriend and I went out yesterday to have a look at printers, just to see what was out there. After much thought, I decided to invest in a high end printer, and bought a Canon Pixma iP6600D from Staples.

I'm quite excited to try it out and see what it will do. I will still probably take my drawings to get scanned at a printing company because our scanner doesn't have the high resolution that I want, but now I can do the prints myself.

The only problem is, my printer won't print the 11x14 size that I'm offering in my "Prints" section on my website. So my options are to continue to have these larger prints done at a print company, or to stop offering this size. I would be interested to know what you all think. How popular would an 11x14 print size be? (I'm talking prints, NOT original drawings...I'm still offering these.) Please comment!!


Sep 1, 2006

Paddy's Finished

Well I believe that Paddy is done. I just have to get the ok from the client to make sure he is totally happy with it. Once I get the ok, I'll spray it with fixative so it won't smudge, and he can pick up both Nelly and Paddy. Next it's on to Ghira the chocolate lab!