Nov 6, 2006

Waiting list for Nov 2006, and other interesting tidbits!

My current waiting list is as follows:

1. Mercedes - Standard Poodle
2. Shamus - black and white cat
3. Noah - Cocker Spaniel

I can't give exact dates, but I figure this brings me to January-February. I don't have an update of Mercedes yet. I've been a bit busy lately and haven't worked on her much.

In other news, I've tried selling some of my work on Ebay lately. Unfortunately, nothing has sold yet though. I tried selling an original ACEO (the horse that I posted a couple of posts back)(please see description of an ACEO in the same post), as well as some prints and greeting cards. A couple of people were watching my items, but none of them sold. sniff sniff. Ah well, I've not given up yet!! I'll keep trying some different things!

Today after work, I had an interesting message on my phone. A woman from Platinum Magazine got my name and information at my vet clinic, and wanted to talk to me. The message she left said that they are doing some articles about pets as family members, and they were looking for interesting pet-related businesses. I guess mine peaked her interest, and I think they want to know if I want to put an ad in their magazine. I haven't talked to her yet, just left her a message, but it sounds exciting! I'll keep you posted!


Heather said...

This is just an update on the magazine thing. The magazine charges $135 for a business card sized ad. Although this may be a good price to advertise my work, it's just not something that I can really afford. Since this is just a hobby for me, it's not really worth it for me to pay that much to advertise. I'll stick with the free advertising for now...until I turn pro!!

Anonymous said...

Probably wise for now. Your web site and blog are good advertising.