Apr 29, 2007

Abbee is finished!

Well I'm not sure how long this portrait took me, but I am finally finished. This is totally a guess, but I'm sure I've put in more than 20 hrs on this drawing. Coloured pencil is much more time-consuming than pencil because there is a lot of layering of colour, hence the higher price.

I really enjoyed doing Abbee's portrait. For one, she is a beautiful cat and her pose is a little different than what I'm used to doing. This is also my first commissioned coloured pencil drawing, so it was a nice change from pencil.

My next portrait is an 11x14 portrait of a Bernese Mountain dog and two Leonbergers. The client originally wanted it done it in pencil, but after watching Abbee's portrait progress here on my blog, she decided that she would prefer to have it done in coloured pencil.

I am still working on Noah's portrait (the cocker spaniel) and should have it done early this week.

On another note, we are moving into a new house this month so things will be a bit hectic. I will try my best to keep on top of the drawing, but there will probably be a week or two where I won't be able to work on much.

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