Sep 19, 2007

Finished Jessie, Bart and Cooper

After 29 hrs of drawing I'm finally done. I had originally estimated that it would take me 30 hrs, so I guess I was pretty close. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and so is the client. It's always a relief to hear that the owner is happy and doesn't want any changes! This isn't the final scan and it's missing my signature, but it is finished. I plan on having it scanned tomorrow and then I can hand it over to the owner.

Next on my plate is a pastel portrait of a cat named Whisky. Whisky's portrait will be done in the same style as Bosco (both cats come from the same household).

After that, I finally get to do a horse portrait of a beautiful horse named Emerald. Emerald's portrait will be a 14x17 montage, meaning that there will be a large portrait of her head and neck as an adult and a smaller version of her as a baby. This will be done in coloured pencil.

I also have been approached by a photographer here in Fredericton to do a wolf drawing, potentially for a wildlife calendar, so I will be working on that soon too. I will keep you up to date on what, if anything comes of that.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic portrait Heather, I'm always amazed how you can capture the personality of the dog, especially the eyes......we can look inside them....