Aug 6, 2010

Toby - Stage 2

Coloured Pencil
Work in Progress

I think Toby's portrait is coming along well. I was having a bit of difficulty with it at the beginning, but now I'm feeling better about how things are going. Always one to try new things, I've been using solvent to do this drawing and I'm loving the effect. Solvent sort of disolves the coloured pencil, making it much easier (and faster) to blend. I'm using watercolour paper so it can handle the wet solvent, which is almost like working with watercolours. So I go back and forth between blending with solvent and putting in fine details with the pencil. And the thicker paper allows for more layers than regular paper.

This drawing appears to be cropped kind of funny, but that's only because it's 9x12 and my scanner is 8.5x11 (or something like that).

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Lene said...

hi Heather
what a cute dog, and lovely softlooking fur