Sep 12, 2006

Gift Vouchers make great Christmas gifts!

The waiting list is unchanged since Sept5, but I thought I would write it out again:

1. Ghira the chocolate lab - started
2. Mercedes (Sadie) the standard poodle
3. Shamus the black and white cat

I have been getting the first of many inquiries lately, asking if I'm still taking orders for Christmas. Regretfully, the answer is no. I have told #1 and 2 that their portraits will be ready for Christmas, but #3, I'm not guaranteeing for that time. The reason for this is that each portrait usually takes me a month or so to do. I work full-time and only do this in my spare time, and each portrait usually takes me 8-15 hrs to do. Things also tend to come up before Christmas, which can put me behind in my work. For these reasons, I didn't take too many orders for Christmas.

If you had wanted to give a portrait for Christmas, may I suggest giving a gift voucher? They work in one of two ways:
-First, you can order a portrait now, knowing that it will not necessarily be ready for Christmas. I can give you a voucher to give as the gift, that says your loved-one will be receiving a portrait soon.
-Second, you can give a voucher as a gift, and your loved-one can contact me about having the portrait done. You two can decide on the amount and portrait size, and contact me about choosing a reference photo. These vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date they were given as a gift.

There is more information about gift vouchers on my website .

As of recently, I am no longer offering to complete a portrait by a specific date or deadline. There is a waiting list for my portraits, and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis (as are the vouchers). It would be unfair to those who have been waiting, if someone else jumped the queue. Also, like I said above, sometimes things come up and I am put behind in my work.

So, if you do want me to do a portrait for you before a specific date, I highly recommend that you contact me months ahead of the date, and I will do my best to accommodate you. For Christmas, I recommend you book before summer. This year, I was booked by July. And, like I've mentioned above, gift vouchers make a great gift too!!


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