Oct 18, 2006


I'd like to introduce the new addition to our household. Her name is Seven (yes, the number) and she's pretty darned cute. We already had an 8 year old cat, named Tully, and we thought we'd get a kitten to liven things up a bit. Tully is none too pleased with the new addition, but each day she lets Seven get just a little bit closer. My hope is that Tully will eventually lick the grease spot off of Seven's head (who knows how she got it, and it's impossible to get off), but I think I'm asking a bit much. I'd just be happy if Tully would stop hissing at Seven, but it has only been 4 days since we got her.

She is quite the cuddly kitten too...annoyingly so sometimes. If she is not within 1 foot of your head, she's not happy. She follows us around constantly, which can be quite cute, but I hope she eventually learns to be a little more independant. Regardless, we are really enjoying having her around.

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