Dec 9, 2006


This is Seven, our little 4 month old kitten. I drew her in pastel (Nupastels) on 9.5 x 12.5 black velour paper.

I discovered velour paper while reading a book by Lesley Harrison, called "Painting Animals that Touch the Heart". She is an amazing artist, and the softness that she is able to acheive in fur is unbelievable. This is partly due to the fact that she uses velour paper. I ordered some online because you can't get any around here, and I love it. It is sort of a fuzzy, velvety paper, and really neat to draw on. I like it much better than regular pastel paper which is quite rough.

I'm keeping this drawing for my portfolio because I need to build up more of a collection of my original art. Right now, most of my originals belong to other people!


Annie-Maree said...

Hello Heather,
I could not resist having a look at your web site , and now your blog! I just adore your work, you are a very talented lady. I found your kitty at the wet canvas pastel forums and made a coment, My user name there is Netty.

It is interesting to hear what you have to say about the velour paper, I cannot buy it here in Australia either and am anxious to give it a try. Maybe I can purchase some online too.

Your coloured pencil work is gorgeous, I have been trying out a few sketches with some coloured pencils I found from the drawing forums at WC. They are Derwent drawing pencils and I just love them.... Still more trial and error, lol.... but it is fun!!

I am in the process of building my blog and web page too, just all new to this so it is excitting.

It was lovely to visit your blog, and web page, and see your beautiful art, Take care,


Heather said...

Hi Annie-Maree,
Thanks for writing. I got your message on wetcanvas, and I checked out your website too. You do beautiful work as well.

Anonymous said...

I have used Velour paper before and it is fantastic for getting softness in the fur,like your beautiful Kitty,great drawing.

Heather said...

Hi pencilgal,
Velour paper is great, isn't it? I just wish it was easier to get around here. Thanks for your comment!