Jun 30, 2007

New drawings

I'm finally able to post my next two drawings. It's been quite a while since I've had some time to work on them, but here they are. The first is a coloured pencil drawing of Bart, Jessie and Cooper, a Bernese Mountain dog and two Leonbergers. The first image is the reference photo and the next one is the actual drawing. I've put in 6.25 hrs of work on this one so far. The scan of the drawing is cropped a bit more than the real one because it doesn't totally fit on my scanner. The final product will be cropped the same as the reference photo.

The next is George, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from the UK. The first image is the reference photo and the second image is the mock-up I created on the computer to show what the final drawing will look like. I often do a mock-up when a client has given me several photos because sometimes there are some alterations that need to be made. With George, for instance, my client wanted the head of the image below, but with the collar from another photo that shows his name better. So I created a mock-up to show what just the head would look like with the collar from a separate image.
And below is 7 hrs worth of drawing time to create George in pencil.

I will post again soon.

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