Jul 27, 2007

George is done

It's been a little while since I've updated and I've managed to get a bit accomplished. George's portrait is now complete.

I had originally planned on finishing the portrait of Bart, Jessie and Cooper first, but George's portrait was so much more portable and I was able to take it to work with me. Besides, pencil is much faster to draw with than coloured pencil and I estimate B,J &C's portrait to take me close to 30 hrs. Here is what I have done so far:

I plan on working hard to get this one done soon.

On another note, I will have a booth at the Obedience Field Trials tomorrow and Sunday at the Fredericton Exhibition Centre. If you live in the Fredericton area, please stop by and say hi.


Katherine said...

Heather, you do great work!! I would *really* urge you to raise your prices to cover your time! :-)

Heather said...

HI Katherine. Thanks for the compliment. I know you from the pet portrait forum I believe!

The price issue is one that I (along with other artists) struggle with. Since I've started doing pet portraits, I've raised my prices to more than double. Over time, I've realized just how much time I put in to each portrait and I agree, I'm not really covering my time with the prices that I'm charging.

As I become more well known and my work improves, I slowly increase my prices. I don't really want to raise them drastically though, so that's why I do it slowly. I plan on re-evaluating what I charge this fall/winter and hopefully I'll come up with something that will cover my time a little better.

For past and present clients, the fact that my prices continue to rise simply means that my work is becoming more valuable and in demand. Your portraits hopefully hold many memories for you but they also are investments that are growing in value.

Thanks again for the comment Katherine and I appreciate your advice!