Nov 2, 2008

New baby

I have to brag a bit...we have another addition to our family! A 12 week old kitten named Loki, who is simply adorable! We got Loki at the SPCA a few days ago (that's where we got our other two cats), and he seems very well adjusted. He's a great combination of playful, affectionate and cuddly. Our 10 year old cat, Tully, doesn't really pay much attention to Loki, but our 2 year old cat, Seven, is enjoying the new playmate! It's so much fun to have a little kitten running around the house again! Here are some pictures...

When I get the time, I plan on doing a drawing of the top picture. I just love the pose and he looks so darned cute! If you'll notice too, Loki has lots of extra toes!


Lene said...

ohhhh he is cute. I have 5 cats myself ;) I love his fur-pattern. Lovely pic you've chosen to draw :)

Heather Page said...

Thanks Lene! We're quite fond of him, although recently he's forgotten how to use the litter box. Hopefully we'll sort it out soon! I'm not sure I could handle 5 cats!!