Nov 13, 2008

"Seven" chosen to be in the 2009 calendar is a site where artists can display and sell their artwork and prints. Earlier this year, I entered my drawing of "Seven" into a calendar contest through and I just found out that it's been chosen for the 2009 calendar! I feel rather honoured because there are a lot of really amazing artists on this site.

Here is a description of the calendar:
Each calendar features 365 'tear-off' pages, for each day of the year. Each day features a different artist and displays their name, artwork title/description and website address for more information on that artist. The artwork featured in the calendars is a large mixed sample of traditional art, digital art and photography of our members. The final size is 4.5" wide and 4" tall. There is a fold out cardboard easel in the back that tilts the calendar perfectly to sit on any table or desk.

You can order a calendar through by following the link below. My drawing will be in the "Traditional Artwork" calendar (on July 22, 2009), so be sure to order that one! If you do plan on ordering, please use the following link to get to the site. I do not get a commission from each calendar sold, but I will get a referral fee for any purchases made through this link:
This link takes you to the home page of the website. Click on the "Shop" tab at the top and you'll find the calendar.

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