Jan 22, 2009

Shocking Artwork!

I am a member of GreenNexxus, which is an environmental, social networking site. I received one of their newsletters today and one of the articles really shocked me. Below is the write-up from the newsletter. Click on "Read More" to see the artwork.

Oscar the Grouch Art: Not everything is as it Seems
Rarely do we come across pictures that make us go "Wow". Even more rarely do we come across information that prompts us to change the way we live our lives. We came across this PowerPoint presentation a few days ago and the message it brings concerning garbage hits home. Look closely at the images, once you discover the origins of the materials it leaves you with your mouth open silently miming the word "Wow".
Read More. (you will be taken to the GreenNexxus site. Click on "Power Point" to see the artwork).


1 comment:

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Unbelievable. A definite jaw droper, eye opener and reality check. Million thanks for sharing. Will be passing this on:)