May 15, 2009

Just checking in

Hi everyone. Thanks for following my blog and sorry that it's been pretty dormant lately. Since finishing my last commission and doing a couple of ACEO's, I haven't really done too much of anything when it comes to my artwork! I guess I just needed a bit of a break to do other things.

So what have I been doing? I've been working on getting myself into shape, which unfortunately takes up a fair bit of my time! I painted my exercise room and plan on painting a design on the walls once we get a cloudy/rainy day. So I guess that counts as artwork. I'll take pictures once I'm finished.

So yep, that's about it! Hopefully soon the creative juices will start flowing again and then I'll having something to show. Until then, happy painting/drawing to the rest of you!


Chuck Dilmore said...

it's good for us
to just take a break!

to do it for fitness is excellent!

you'll come back
supercharged, creative!

love your work!

Heather Page said...

Thanks Chuck! That makes me feel better!

pencilportraits said...

Hi Heather, good for you for getting fit, my job is all the exercise I need thankfully, I walk for about 7 hours a day so I'm quite fit already, I do envy you though having an exercize room, I have to make do with wet and windy weather sometimes so perhaps we could swap for a day or too!

Heather Page said...

I'm quite happy with my exercise room and it will look even better once it's done. It's raining today, so I think I'll try and finish it.
While you are envious of my room, I'm very envious of your job. I would LOVE to be able to work outside all day...maybe not during the cold New Brunswick winters, but during the summer would be great! I work inside all day in the hospital with no windows. It's kind of like working in a cave because we also have to have the lights down low for imaging!