Aug 30, 2009

Wow, 2 posts in one weekend!

Amazingly I'm back again with another piece of second one I finished this weekend! I've never used scratchboard before so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I'm sure I could do better with practice but it was a good learning experience. This one didn't take me that long to complete - probably only a couple of hours. It's quite fun to work with so I'll be trying it again sometime.

"In the Shadows"
7.5 x 9

*Available for sale*

Photo credit - Wetcanvas photo reference library
(user: annj)


Sally McLean said...

This is stunning. Scratchboard seems to suit dark shadows against strong light. I love Tullt too! Good to see you posting again!

Heather Page said...

Thanks Sally!

Highton-Ridley said...

I'm liking what you're doing with the scratchboard. I've been using a similar approach in a couple of recent miniature pony photos I took.

Equines are so beautiful, aren't they?

Teresa Mallen said...

New to scratchboard? Fabulous job!! Great cp kitty too! :-)

Heather Page said...


April Jarocka said...

I'd imagine you have to keep your wits about your when using scratchboard. But you've done well with this one Heather. Simple but exquisite.

Heather Page said...

Yes, it's definitely less forgiving than pencil and paper. There were a few lines that I wish I hadn't made but there was no going back once I made them. I just had to work with them instead.

I was surprised at how easliy the black scrapes off. I thought it would be more like chiseling wood, so I was happy to discover it's more like drawing than I thought.