Nov 22, 2009

Two bits of news

This picture really has nothing to do with my news...I just thought I'd add a picture of our cat, Loki, for your viewing pleasure!

My first bit of news is that I have a new commission. Unfortunately, I can't tell you about it because it's a Christmas gift and I don't want to spill the beans! It's unlikely that the recipient will see this, but just to be safe, I'm not going to talk about it until it's done. This is actually my first commission since I started doing pet portraits again, so it's quite exciting! So my drawing of the Cape Cod Rocks will be put on hold until I get this done.

My other piece of news is that my back surgery will be on Dec. 9. It's quite a bit sooner than I was originally told, but I'm glad to be getting it overwith. I'll be off work for 6-8 weeks probably and I hope to be up and about after about a week or two. I'll be going to Moncton for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be ok by then. This could affect when I'm actually able to get my commission done, but the client is aware and very understanding.

While I'm off work, I hope to be well enough to sit at my desk so I can get lots of drawing watch this space! I'll keep you posted on how things are going.


pencilportraits said...

I'm so glad you've got a commission Heather, it was worth persevering with your new prices and shows the value of your work. Love the kitty by the way, and good luck with the surgery, sounds a bit painful even if you get up to 8 weeks from work!

sue said...

Wishing you well for the surgery and a very swift recovery.

Heather Page said...

Thanks gals,
I actually just threw my back out again today so the surgery can't come soon enough.
Thanks for the well wishes!