Dec 15, 2010

I'd like your advice...

I am currently working on some different designs for my greeting cards, using a printing company to do all the work for me. Since I now have to order the cards in bulk, I'm only going to focus on a few designs rather than making all of my drawings available as cards. Some of my drawings just don't sell as cards because they don't appeal to a large number of people. Not many people will buy a card of a bull terrier, for instance, unless they or someone they know owns one.

So here's where I need your help....I have an album on my facebook business page with all of the drawings and paintings I currently have available as cards. I would appreciate it if you would look through the album and vote (by "liking") for 5 cards that you think would appeal to the most people. Click here to go to the album
You'll have to be a fan of my page before you can click "like" on a drawing.

If you would prefer not to go through FB, you can visit and click on each of the albums to view the cards available. You can send me a message letting me know your top 5 choices.

Thank you all and I appreciate your help!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather

It might be of interest to know of - they have a really cool angle on printing, with the facility to print several designs within the same small quantity. Lots of creative marketing ideas on the site too, worth settling down with a cuppa!