Dec 10, 2008

Bandit - almost done!

Here is another update of Bandit. I'm almost done...I just need to do a little more tweeking and touching up. If any of you artists out there want to critique this, please do so. After staring at it for so long, it's difficult to see the changes that need to be made!

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Wayne said...

Hi Heather. I'm excited. Bandit is looking great! You do wonderful work and your attention to detail is awesome.

Heather Page said...

Thanks Wayne. Sorry about the confusion about posting a comment. I received a strange comment recently that had nothing to do with my blog, so I decided that I should start screening the comments that people post. As a result, when someone makes a comment on my blog, I will need to approve it before it gets posted. I know you posted twice, but I figured you really only meant to post once, so I deleted the other one.
Thanks again!