Aug 21, 2006


I have been a member of a pet portraits forum for a little while now, and I just joined another one today for pencil artists I have discovered that there is a wealth of knowledge in forums like these for new artists like me. I am in the process of getting my website set up and there is a lot of research to do, and I have found so much useful information from fellow artists who use these forums. Everyone is so friendly, supportive and helpful, and it's nice to be part of an artist's community.

Although I have been drawing most of my life, I feel that I should continue growing in my work, and I strive to make each drawing better than the last. These forums have provided me with so many useful tips, and have gotten me even more excited about what I do. I am also looking forward to trying out oils soon, and perfecting my pastel and coloured pencil drawing techniques.

So lately, I have been spending so much time looking through these forums, setting up my new blog, and working/researching my website, that I feel like I have been stuck to this computer for the past couple of days. It's so addictive, I can't seem to pull myself away!

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