Aug 28, 2006

My Website and Updated Waiting List

We finished my website last night and I invite you to check it out. It's at If you have any questions or comments please comment on this site, or email me at

I took on another order today to do a portrait of a cat named Shamus. So the waiting list goes as follows:

1. Paddy (8x10) - Newfoundland - in progress
2. Ghira (11x14) - Chocolate Lab
3. Mercedes (Sadie) (8x10) - Standard Poodle
4. Shamus (8x10) - Black and white cat

This brings me to somewhere around/after Christmas time. It's hard to say exactly when I will complete each of these portraits. Things tend to come up that set me back a bit, and having a full time job is time-consuming as well! The first 3 portraits will be finished before Christmas though and the 4th, sometime after.

I have done some more work on Paddy, and I will try and post a scan of him tomorrow.

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